Monday, December 04, 2006

From Health Expo to Vaucluse House!

We made $1000 at the Health Expo. We donated some to the Canteen Cancer Charity.

Then we went on excursion to Vaucluse House with the other AMEP classes!

We had a picnic lunch at Nielsen Park. Then we went for a bushwalk. It was beautiful.

Sunday, October 29, 2006

AMEP D at the Health Expo

On Tuesday 24 October we had a Health Expo.

We made a poster.

Wei sold dumplings.

Mari made baklava.

Clair served tabouli.

Nick and Sally talked about rice pudding.
The lady did tai chi.

Wei and Wanqing joined the tai chi.

Wan Qing got a massage.

Monday, September 18, 2006

Our International Food Fair

Our class had an international food fair. Everybody cooked native food at home. There were many assorted dishes from countries like Bangladesh, Nepal, China, Turkey, Chile, Iran and so on. For example, Sema cooked Turkish borek, Saida cooked Bangladeshi salad and Ana Luisa cooked Italian pizza. Some showed others food that they cooked themselves. Some took photos, everybody ate food. My class was very happy.

Hi, my name is Shanta. On 7th September my class made food for our international food fair. I made a Nepalese dish called Aalu pakuda. My friends made many different dishes this day. Me and my friends sold food and collected the money. Me and Syeda sold gulab jamun, cake and Aalu pakuda. We are all happy this day. Our teacher Sally helped us.

My name is MAY, our English class and I are busy selling international food, We had a great day. I'm very happy!

My name is Nathan our class wanted to go to the zoo. So at TAFE we started a food Market. I sold raffle tickets, the prize was a hamper of many presents. It had food and fruit. I am very happy in this picture.

Sema, Ying and Rakia were very happy with the Turkish Borek.

We had a great day. In the morning we took our cooking to school.First, we said “hello” to every customer, then we showed our cooking to every customer. Syeda and Santa showed their cooking, Sally brought pizza. May smiled to customers and Nathan sold raffle tickets, then Fawzia, Ying and Ada showed their cooking. Winnie made tea and coffee, Sema made Turkish bread, everybody was busy. At the end Ying counted money and all the students had a photo with their teacher. - Tony.

Monday, August 28, 2006

Welcome to our blog!


This is where Chem's AMEP class will show their wonderful work!

See you soon!